What's So Special About Terry?

If you have just made your first Lord Clancy purchase, you may be sitting in your armchair wondering, what is this magnificent garment I'm wearing and where has it been all my life? ...And if you're a new member of the tribe, unsure as to whether or not you should take the leap with one of our 100% cotton terry items, here is a quick refresher on one of the most discretely opulent materials around.
Terrycloth came about in France in the early 1840's and was transformed into the plush and cozy form we know today by an Englishman named Samuel Holt in 1848. What separates our 100% cotton terry from traditional cotton is the incorporation of not one but two warp threads. One warp thread was left intentionally loose and then pulled through creating loops on either side of the fabric and revealing that well known 'piling effect'. 
The word Terry derives from the French word Tirer, or to 'pull out'... which all makes sense now, doesn't it? Terrycloth was originally made from silk, however we now utilize pure cotton which is an even softer, more absorbent and more comfortable material for everyday use.
The fashionable age of Terry ties back to the early 20th century aristocrats of the French Riviera, and still maintains its timeless appeal today. Our goal is for you to look and feel splendid, so while most modern day brands are not bold enough to incorporate such a luxurious textile into their collections... thank the Lord that we are not so timid!